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personal, professional and
organisational development

Paullus People Development provides professional learning and development solutions at affordable rates.

My name is Jan Lesley Shine and I founded Paullus in 2007 when I became self-employed. I work throughout the UK with individuals, teams and with organisations providing a range of practical, high quality courses, workshops, programmes and personal and professional coaching tailored to clients’ needs. I also provide HR and organisational development consultancy.

I aim to engage, inspire, and motivate people to be the best they can be - to benefit themselves and the organisations that employ them.

I pride myself in operating with a high level of professionalism, commitment and integrity, and Paullus services are underpinned by:

  • strong customer focus
  • an extensive knowledge and skills base grounded in hands-on management experience as well as learning and organisational development specialism and HR background
  • real passion for lifelong learning
  • a continuous improvement philosophy


Comments from clients about my services are included throughout the site. Feedback is key to continuous improvement of Paullus services and to my own personal and professional learning and development. I evaluate every piece of work and can provide comprehensive evaluation summary reports for clients.

How I Can Help

Learning and Development Delivery

Specialising in bespoke workshop and programme facilitation covering most areas of personal and professional development.

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People Development Consultancy

Supporting organisations across a wide range of learning and organisational development initiatives and processes.

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Collaborative programmes

Working with other organisations to deliver their learning and development programmes.

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Supporting others’ personal and professional growth through coaching.

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